Review: Broken Wings By: Cameo Renae

 Amazon Link: I have loved series about Angels, Fallen Angels and half breeds ever since I read the Premonition series by Amy Bartol. This series was recommended to me to fill the gap until she writes the next book in that series. I love this story line and each book just keeps getting better! 
The action in this book is pretty intense, I mean the places they go *shudder* but it allows for some pretty darn good storytelling let me tell you! We get more answers in this book but there are some very interesting developments that occur. Which somehow haha leads us to ask more questions and the mystery of exactly what Emma is deepens. There are some pretty funny moments Dom and Malichi are the comic relief definitely. Samuel and Aline are adorable parents that are completely fierce to protect those they love and it’s easy to see why Emma is gradually discovering she is braver than she initially thought. 
I think this discovery is just one of the reasons I love reading YA fiction is because the characters are continually on this journey of self discovery. This theme is definitely a strength in this story and makes me excited to see what’s in store for book 3! 


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