Review: Tethered Wings By: Cameo Renae (Hidden Wings Series Book 3) 

Tethered Wings By: Cameo Renae ( Hidden Wings series Book 3) 
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This entry in the series was a little less intense than book 2 but still completely enjoyable. In this one we get to see more of the secondary characters like Lia and Jeremy and Courtney and Caleb. And there are some pretty amazing moments with them like the Masquerade Ball. The love triangle between Kade and Emma and Ethon and the back and forth that goes with it is in full effect in this book and that seems to be the main conflict of the story. The other story lines as far as Lucian and whatnot are still involved but it dosen’t seem to be the main focus. The ending of the book brings about some new information and our favorite characters may still be in some pretty serious danger. Just goes to show don’t make a deal with the devil and expect to not get burned (as any Supernatural fan will tell you) all in all I thought it was a pretty good book, it hit the high points and was paced well, I did want to know more about Jeremy and Lia and Caleb and Courtney so that was one of the strengths for me in this one. 


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