ARC Review: Alice Takes Back Wonderland By: David D. Hammons 

Alice Takes Back Wonderland By: David D. Hammons

Amazon Link to be posted as soon as the book goes live! 

I was given a ARC copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.

Dwarves as gangsters, automatons, all in a typical day’s adventure for Alice. We see a lot of our favorite fairy tale characters in this engaging story that shows us that what we think we know about those stories are just Echos of real events and people. It makes for a hilerious ride that has its quirks but that was what made it a page turner for me. I was heavily invested in the story from the first page and it just kept getting better as I went along! This has got to be a can’t miss read for those of you who love the Fairy Tale reimagines. Or fans of Once Upon a Time. It’s a perfect blend of fantasy and adventure with relationships between these fairy tale characters that seem entirely plausible. Like Robin Hood being the Huntsman from Snow White . . . Etc it makes for an interesting plot twist to see how all these stories interconnect. 


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