Review: Set In Flames By: Sam Destiny

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solid first book in this new series that reminds me a lot of the early Black Dagger Brotherhood books. (When they were still intense and action driven) the origin story of Vampires in this book seems like one of the better origin stories I have read in this genre. The story centers on twin vampire warriors. Kaden and Jaden, the twin angle is pretty interesting and one trope that dosen’t get enough page space in my opinion. Maya is a woman who is trying to figure out exactly wha is going on in her world and she is a little fireball! Haha I love her character! I mean any woman who can make these big warrior tough guys crumble is pretty darn awesome. 
The romance is pretty intense and just when you think you have the story all figured out guess what? You get a twist that will leave your jaw dropping! All of the characters are pretty amazing and I hope there will be a book for each of them because I just wanna know more about them and their world. This book reminded me what I love about paranormal romance novels, (when it was all shiny and new!) Dark Lover by JR. Ward was my first paranormal romance novel read almost 6 years ago now and this book gave me all the tingly feels just like that one did. Awesome storyline and characters, a different origin story for how Vampires came to be, a little intrigue, and a lot of romance makes me a happy page turning girl. I can’t wait for the rest of this series! I could not recommend picking this book up more! 


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