ARC Review: Twenty-One By: e.s Carter (Love in Numbers #2) 

ARC Review: Twenty-One By: e.s. Carter
Release Date July 24th 
Amazon Link: Will be posted on release day! Stay Tuned ❤ 
This is a continuation of Jake and Emma’s story that we first got a glimpse of in Nineteen. In Nineteen it was those 2 figuring out who they were and wanted to be almost seperately and in Twenty-One we see their evolution as a couple. There are some bumps in the road that could have been really challenging to get through but the devotion between these 2 make for a very sweet love story. All of your favorite characters from Nineteen are back, H- with the comic relief, Liv- with her quirky, but adorable personality and Nate- the serious voice of reason haha. The only one I was missing out on was Liam and we see him for a little bit but he’s not a huge part of the story like he was in Nineteen. There is definitely a few twists in this one as in the last and the one that occurs in the first part of the book almost made me have a panic attack moment but it all got resolved (Thank Goodness!) and the twist about 3/4 of the way in helps shape the ending. I love these characters and I know I’m not alone when I say I hope to see quite a lot more of them. Even seperate stories that just focus on Liv and Nate and what the deal is with Liam. Still have some questions about those relationships and that to me is the sign of a excellent writer beginning a awesome series. If we had all our questions answered right away we might lose interest. But e.s. keeps us hooked and constantly wanting more!  



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