Review: Gilded Wings By: Cameo Renae (Hidden Wings #4) 

Gilded Wings (Hidden Wings #4) By: Cameo Renae 
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This book got really dark and complicated haha and that’s saying something for a series that a good section of one of the books take place in the Underworld! A lot of things we have been waiting for (Emma’s transformation, her decision on who will be her mate, what her gifts will be . . . Etc) occur and the aftermath is a lot of destruction, people die (you’ve been warned) there is a wedding and it is absolutely stunning and I thought nothing could touch the description of the masquerade ball in one of the books of this series the wedding was absolute perfection! I could see where there might be other stories in the future but this book wrapped up most of the threads of the story lines that we have been following since the beginning of the series. 


Emma truly comes into her own in this book and her transformation from someone who was weak and broken to someone who can protect those she loves and stares down fear and laughs in its face is complete. She is a bright, brave beautiful heroine that we have seen glimpses of but now that’s just what she is all around. It’s not the love story that makes this a beautiful book but it’s her journey that accomplishes that for me! I loved this series and I know it will be one I will come back to many times in the future! 


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