Review: Shadows of Asphodel By: Karen Kincy

Review: The Shadows of Asphodel By: Karen Kincy
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I went into this book expecting it to be another more scientific based Steampunk/Fantasy book.

You know the type that they seem so dry and caught up on the describing the technology that the story line and characters get lost in the shuffle. With this book though we get an amazing story line, characters that you cheer for and hope that they make it out alive, and just enough description to give you a vibrant setting for all the events to take place. 
For me it was the perfect Steampunk novel, while I haven’t read too many in this genre and I fell in love with it with the Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare so far be it from me to say what works and does not work in this genre. I, however know what I love and what keeps me reading it, a story unlike any other and the sky is the limit. One of the strengths of this book is definitely the relationship between Ardis and Wendel, I love the snarky bickering back and forth and the will they won’t they? Aspect of it all. The mystery and exotic locations drive the story and constantly make you want to keep reading just to see what happens and where they go next. Quite a few twists and turns and some shocking moments in this book that I didn’t anticipate made me a very happy reader chick! I will definitely be starting book 2 in this series soon! 


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