Review: Braid of Tongues By: Monica David 

Review: Braid of Tongues By: Monica David. 
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I received a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review. 
This is a pretty taboo story and way beyond my comfort zone. If you set aside your feeling at the door and not let your personal beliefs color reading the book and experiencing the story as it stands it is a fascinating story about a woman who is beginning to come into her own, she has been married for so long and immersed in the day to day care for her husband and son that when she begins a job outside the home she is awakened and changed. And so begins an illicit relationship that makes her question the status quo of her life. Cheating in a novel is typically a huge no-no for me. And this is about the only novel I have read until the end that deals with that kind of subject matter. 
The characters are rather interesting and we see the push and pull of the should I or shouldn’t I thing and how it eventually wears her down trying to keep up with all the lies until eventually everything comes to a crashing conclusion. While it was not in my comfort zone, I enjoyed the psychological aspects of it and following the internal struggle of Ariane and Luka and how their story progresses throughout the book. There are some twists and turns and important information that is just revealed here and there which is what makes you want to pick up book 2 just to know the whole story. 


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