Review: Body, Ink and Soul By: Jude Ouvrard.

Review: Body, Ink and Soul By: Jude Ouvrard 
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This book blew me away! You know that tingly magic feeling you get when you start reading a book and you know in just a few pages that it is going to own you long after you read the last page? This book definitely gives you that feeling, I laughed, I got the warm fuzzies, I went “aww!” On more than one occasion. Really it has everything, I want to be book bestie’s with these characters. This is a book about finding your soul mate, the friends who become family and growing into your own all in one. 
It’s so much more than your typical romance novel and that’s what I love about it, I read almost 300 books a year so in order for me to get the tingly, this book is amazing feeling you know it has to be something pretty special! It sort of reminds me of The Maddox Brothers series by Jamie McGuire but with less drama (haha I know right?) There is still some pretty serious drama in this book but it’s not as explosive I guess is how I would describe it, because sometimes in that series the emotions are all over the place quickly. It has a very organic feel to it its just a natural progression in this story. The reveal at the end was something I didn’t see coming! I figured it might happen at some point in the book but not like it happened. Jaw hit floor, literally! I couldn’t get enough and I am going right in to book 2! 


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