Review: Music, Ink and Love By: Jude Ouvrard

Review: Music, Ink and Love By: Jude Ouvrard 
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This was an amazing continuation to the Levi and Nix’s story that we begin in Body, Ink and Soul. This book picks up right where that book ended so we don’t miss a beat (and if you remember the cliffhanger that book ended on you are going to be really glad the author made it a smooth transition!) this book has a few more difficult moments in it and it helps strengthen the love story. As they say in the book “you have seen me at my best and now you’ve seen me at my worst” and this story is a good example of love truly conquering all! We see all of our favorite characters from book 1 and get caught up on what is going on in their lives. I could see where there might be more books in this series because there are some relationships that beg to be explored! 
There are plenty of the same tingles and warm fuzzies that the first book brought about which sometimes doesn’t happen in a direct continuation novel but I was pleased to note that the same magic I discovered in book 1 was present and maybe even stronger as we see the next chapter in Levi and Nix’s story. I thought this was a absolutely adorable novel! It’s a must have along with Body, Ink and Soul on my purchase a print copy list! 


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