Review: Finding Us By: Debra Presley
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I received a ARC of this book in exchange for a honest review. This was my foray into the Rockstar Romance genre and I have to say it was a excellent way to try out a new genre! This story has everything, romance, suspense, comic relief moments, self-discovery and an empowered heroine. All of my favorite things! There is even a ex military man for those of you who love that element in a hero 😉 I thought that Abby was such an intriguing character, I expected her to be kind of this spoiled, self-entitled princess at the beginning but you soon see that she is so much more. Her journey of empowering herself after some traumatic events was quite refreshing, she could have easily become dependent on Danny and it would have made me not enjoy the book quite as much so I’m really glad that Debra took the story in a different direction. 
Danny and the guys were all great characters, strong, moral guys with awesome senses of humor haha. They definitely provide levity after some heavy moments in the story. I also love the relationship between Sophie and Abby, every girl needs a bestie like that who will give you the pep talk to get you to pull your head out of your backside and go after what you want! All in all I thought this was an excellent book! And I may be selfish but can we have a book about Sophie and Connor next? Please and thank you!