Review: A Complicated Love By: D.M. Midgley 

Review: A Complicated Love By: D.M. Midgley.
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This was a quick read for me! I really enjoyed this book, I’ve been reading a lot of romance novels that have characters living in and around London and this is a excellent way to continue the trend. The situations in this book escalate rather quickly which given the length of the book is to be expected. Annabelle is a twenty something trying to figure out what she wants out of life when she interviews for a job being a PA for the owner of a publishing house. She has crazy chemistry with the owner and what ensues is a cute romance story with a few twists along the way including a crazy ex girlfriend! (Don’t you hate those?) it takes a while but eventually Annabelle and Joshua get their act together and overcome all the obstacles and it becomes a beautiful love story! I will definitely be reading and you guessed it! Posting about the second book in this series. If you are looking for a quick refreshing weekend read this is absolutely perfect! 


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