Review: Calm Like Home By: Kaisa Clark 

Review: Calm Like Home By Kaisa Clark. 
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This book was a roller coaster ride to read! You see the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Alexa and Adam think they are meant to be together, they both have the same mole over their hearts, they were born a day apart, and both have a deviated septum haha. So it must be fate right? When they finally decide to give things a go they find that love isn’t always rainbows and sunshine. And secrets and past events color their time together.
The characters were pretty relatable, and I did enjoy the story but the pacing of the story especially toward the end seemed a little rushed. Like there should be another few chapters or maybe another book (Like if we got a book telling everything from Adam’s POV it would make the story feel more complete). The epilogue does give you some closure to the end of the story but I’m a greedy reader and I think if the book was a little longer it would have been a excellent 5 star read, I still give it a solid 4 star rating though. Because it was adorable at parts, had some good comic relief at times it has all the elements I look for in a romance story. 


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