Review: Kick, Push By: Jay McLean

Review: Kick Push By: Jay McLean 
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There are so many emotions after finishing this book! Where The Road Takes Me was the first book by Jay that I had ever read and those characters were a amazing! I knew there should be more adventures with them so I was beyond excited for Kick Push to be released! Josh was such a strong character in WTRTM that he totally deserved his own story. And what a story it was! Love and sacrifice,

Gut wrenching moments but through it all he stands strong, determined to be a good father to his son no matter what life throws at him. We see him soar and we see him during the lows, self doubt and fear of failure and having to push pride aside made him so complex and real that I have a higher appreciation for Jay’s books because I think only she could create such a character with such depth and who could resonate with so many readers, she also crafts her magic with Becca, a girl who has had a horrific upbringing and who has every reason to just curl in on herself and shut the world out. But who still finds the joy in everything, something as simple as a wilting flower or the wind on her face while riding a board for the first time makes her Josh’s perfect compliment. They are truly 2 halves of a whole and I know I’m not alone when I say I cannot wait for what happens next in their story.  



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