Review: Fury’s Kiss By: Nicola R. White

Review: Fury’s Kiss By Nicola R.White.
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I loved this book! It was so different than what I have been reading but that is what made it awesome! It stood out from the other books because of the fast paced story telling and all of the little bits of information we find out along the way, I loved how the author gave us just enough information to keep us wanting to know more but not so much to where we think we have the whole story all figured out and lose interest. We’ve all been there to where we get all of our questions answered (information overload style) and start to skim the rest of the book. I’m guilty of this I admit on occasion. But this book kept me thinking and pondering and completely engrossed in the story until the very end. And I was totally looking for more pages after the last page. I’m totally in a hurry for book two in this series. 
Now moving on to a few of my favorite elements of this story. 
1. I love the relationship between Tara and her friends and how they have such a strong bond. This element becomes really important in the later chapters and I love how it all developed. 
2. Greek Mythology! Yes, it has been done but it is still fresh and exciting in this book and thankfully it didn’t go all Rick Riordan on us (While I do love the Percy Jackson series I was hoping this one was more for us adults, was not disappointed!) 
3. Tara and Jackson! Adorably snarky haha you’ll see when you read it. Few literary couples have as strong of a push and pull kind of relationship going. 
All in all, this is a new must one click author for me! And this is the main thing I love about running this blog, I get the chance to find all of these new to me authors and read their books and then spew about it to my hearts content for those of you who follow my antics here. 


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