Review: Crossroads (Finding My Way Series Book 2) By: Megan Keith 

Review: Crossroads By: Megan Keith
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I could not get enough of book 2! I actually enjoyed it so much more than the first book. Now, don’t get me wrong I really enjoyed book one but this one was a lot more fast paced and intense! This is a direct continuation of Finding My Way and we see the aftermath of Emma’s decision and she FINALLY follows her heart and gives her and Nick a actual chance. 
That is not to say that everything is sunshine and kittens for them. Far from it actually! But what a journey they take. It’s a learning curve for both of them and gradually they find their groove. We see our favorite secondary characters from Finding My Way and experience more adventures with them as well. I think my favorite part of this book has got to be the charm bracelet scene and when you read it you’ll agree wholeheartedly! (I’m pretty sure anyway because it’s absolutely adorbs <3) but I love where this series is going. I read the excerpt for New Beginnings and I think it’s going to be just as awesome as this one is if not more. 


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