Review: New Beginnings By: Megan Keith (Finding My Way Series #3) 

Review: New Beginnings (Finding My Way Series Book 3) By: Megan Keith   
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This was an awesome book! It was nice to see how Seth’s story turned out and that everyone ended up with just who they were meant to be with. Bianca is such a compliment to Seth. At first they seem like all they are going to do is bicker back and forth with him not understanding what he did (which really was nothing haha) and her thinking she had him all figured out and telling him off based on those assumptions. Thank goodness for Scar (not a Lion King reference! Phew!) but meet Scar the dynamic personality. I love her character so much! She is a mass of contradictions but that is what makes her memorable in my opinion. One of the other standout moments of this book is when Seth runs into Emma again and we truly see that storyline come full circle and it gives us a nice bit of closure. I really enjoyed reading this series, it is definitely best to read them in order and not just pick around since they are very sequential. 


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