Review: Reckless Surrender By: R.C. Martin 

Review: Reckless Surrender By: R.C. Martin (Made For Love #2) 
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This book has all the feels let me tell you! At first I thought I was going to dislike the multiple POV’s but I think it actually became one of the strengths of the story since it allows us to see the mind set of each of the characters and what makes them tick (or you know what makes them make the choices they make) I think Logan is my favorite character from the book she is a total force of nature haha in a good way. And she is a fantastic example of a modern heroine of New Adult fiction. She may not always make the right decisions or she may take a different path to achieving what she wants but she is a smart, and polished woman who is learning the world and her place in it. But then we have Daphne, who is also a awesome character! She stands by her beliefs and her friendship with Logan is one of those come hell or high water nothing comes between them. I think that is also a major plot point and one of my favorite parts of any story. I love the best friends relationships because it’s good to see women empowering other women instead of tearing them down. 
The guys make up the other halves of these amazing women. And while they may have their moments of smacking the stupid button they are really great guys and totally deserving of their counterparts. There are some rocky roads to relationships in this book and I think the drama and angst is what makes it interesting. You get to the end of the book and you immediately want either another book so you can keep visiting these characters or you go back and reread this book from the beginning . . . Or both haha.  



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