Review: Fierce (Storm #2) By: Nina Levine 

Review: Fierce (Storm MC #2) By: Nina Levine
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 After recovering from the cliffhanger of Storm I was eager to dive right in to fierce. Scott was definitely a tough cookie and from the beginning of the series I wasn’t sure if I could connect to him as a hero or not. Thankfully from his interactions with Lisa and Monty I gradually started to have more respect for him. And the more he interacted with Harlow the more the reader saw that the old saying was true “the bigger they are, the harder they fall!” 
The sense of family is even stronger in this book vs. Storm and we see the fallout from Scott and Madison’s dad’s betrayal and how it changes not only their family dynamic but also the club’s dynamic. The ripples are felt all throughout the storyline. We see more of the potential stories to be told in later novels and I for one am excited to see all of these big tough guys get laid low by love. 
There is plenty of action and I will warn you that some of it is pretty graphic (which you should have already picked up on from the first book but just in case you haven’t here’s a disclaimer) there are a lot of smexy times which may or may not bother some people. Me, I flip past those parts just because I have an aversion to the word moist and it almost always comes up in a sexy scene no matter the genre. Yes, I confess here I am a sexy scene skipper. So sue me! But along with the sexy times there is some violence, some retribution as it were. But it all makes sense within the scope of the story. I think this is a wonderful entry into this series and I can’t wait until book 3! 


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