Review: Blaze (Storm MC #2.5) By: Nina Levine 

Review: Blaze (Storm MC #2.5) By: Nina Levine 
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This novella gives us more information about what went on while J was out traveling for club business and we see our favorite couple grow closer together, almost get ripped apart and then a beautiful moment. The ups and downs of this series keep the reader fully engaged with trying to figure out what moves Marcus is making in the background and how the structure of the club is shifting. The romance is still the main story but the little back stories lend the story some drama and keep it from being too cheesy. 
The subject matter of this book gets a little darker and while violence has always been the elephant in the room it’s brought out more in this book and leads to some pretty powerful moments. We get to check in with all of our favorite characters like Nash and Serena (holy hotness Batman! Those 2 are just alike!) and Scott and Harlow and Blade. With out giving away too much the latter chapters are some of my favorite of the series for how adorable they are. (J, you big ole softy you 😉 ) I know the words adorable and biker do not often go together but trust me they do in this instance. I thought this was a solid, much needed story in the series. 


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