Review: Big Girl Panties (Like A Lady#1) By: S.J. Sawyer

Review: Big Girl Panties By: S.J. Sawyer (Like A Lady #1) 
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Sweeter than a glass of iced tea on a summer’s day! This book is like going home for me, I grew up in a small town in Arkansas so I know people exactly like these characters. It was such an adorable read! I love books with southern characters but most of the ones I find they all involve older heroines. This book they are all about my age or maybe a smidge younger but it still makes them completely relatable. It reminds me of a younger version of the Sweet Potato Queens books (which if you’ve never read them you need to get on it!) 
We begin the story with a fiasco of a wedding and things just escalate from there haha. Red has to pick herself up and put herself back together with the help of her bossy, sassy friend and go after the one who got away. The story is the perfect length for a serial and you finish the end wanting the next installment. Lucky me since i have the next two sitting pretty on my Kindle. So,

grab yourself a nice cool glass of sweet tea and hang out with Red and Mason and all of their friends to see where this heartwarming story goes next! 


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