Review: Fix Your Makeup (Like A Lady #3) By: S.J. Sawyer

Review: Fix Your Makeup (Like A Lady #3) By: S.J. Sawyer 
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In Part 3 of this amazing serial we see just how Girl Code works haha. Mel is still holding a grudge at the beginning of the book and results in a funny run in with Red. Which leads to another one of Mary Lou’s hilerious outbursts which basically boils down to Small town living (within minutes any public spectacle will be talked about all over town within seconds of it happening) 
Gradually though Red and Mel make up and everything is right with the world once again! Or is it? . . . Cash might have a smidge of a crush on our Red and that leads to a lot of does he or does he not internal debate for Red. 
The Girls Night portion of the book was probably one of my absolute favorites from the 3 books. The struggle is real when you have wine and no corkscrew ladies! Let me tell you! The adventures with the group continue like we are used to. Mason and Red are their typical adorable self and then all of a sudden Red discovers a secret that we the reader have already learned about from the previous books and it all unravels! That makes for a pretty dramatic cliffhanger and also what makes it my favorite book of the series. Don’t get me wrong I love the other books with the butterflies of new relationships and bonding with the girls etc. . . But this book with its added drama throwing a wrench into the works makes it the best in my book. I like the tension and the not knowing how this will all shake out. It kept the pacing fast paced for me and I was still trying to flip pages once I got to the end praying for more chapters! 


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