Review:Fates Divided ( A Halven Rising Novel) By:Jules Barnard

Review: Fates Divided (A Halven Rising Novel) By: Jules Barnard


(A Halven Rising Novel) 
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I was really excited to see that Jules had a YA paranormal series planned. I have read her Blue Series and absolutely loved it so once I got wind of her working on something like this I was instantly interested. I am a sucker for a new YA or NA paranormal series! I was not disappointed with this book it truly had everything I look for in a new series. 
A relatable heroine – Elena is a freshman in college just getting the hang of this being an adult and living on your own thing and all of a sudden these events start happening. (Like living on your own for the first time isn’t hard enough right?) she is a chemistry major and was working on a solution in a lab when it begins to boil over. . . A little hard to explain and so she tries to experiment in her apartment only to discover that she can indeed cause things to boil over with just a wave of her hand basically. Wanting to test out her abilities more she tries to figure out which lab she can gain access to only to discover that no one is allowed to access the labs except during class hours. Enter in Derek her next door neighbor! He says that he can help her gain access to one of the labs but there is one condition that he has to stay with her while she is in there. Thus begins the adventure! Racing against time lends tension to the story and that along with the trying to figure out who and what you are and who is after you makes for a entirely enjoyable read. There is a bit of a romance angle to the story but it’s not the entire storyline haha. There are some fantasy elements to this story for example There are Fae. But in true Fae fashion they do not do anything easily. And want to know more about Elena in hopes that she can cure them of a virus they have become infected with. 
Some parts of the book do seem to drag on a little longer than they should but it’s few and far between and didn’t affect my interest in the story. The further you get in the book the quicker you flip pages! The ending is pretty intense and left me immediately wanting book 2 in the series! Which to me is the hallmark of a wonderful new series! I knew I was in safe hands with Jules and if you haven’t discovered her books yet then this is definitely one I would start with. 


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