Review: Real Time By: Jeanine Binder (Time For Love #1) 

Review: Real Time By: Jeanine Binder 
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This was a fun read of a book, I love that Kate is a classically trained pianist and she ends up touring with this rock star! It was a different take on your typical rockstar romance novel which I think is why I enjoyed it so much. The story was pretty fast paced and had a lot of different things going on to their road to romance including family issues and a crazy ex husband. 
Nick has a lot of charm and that little added something that to me always defines a rock star, that kind of pull to them. Even though he is a little bit older it still made him a good male lead for this story. He already knows the ins and outs of being in the music business and so it takes a lot for him to be impressed, and impressed he is with Kate’s talent. First falling in love with her ability to bring something new to his tour, then after triggering his protective instinct with the incident in the lobby between Kate and her ex husband leads to their relationship moving more toward friends rather than boss and employee. 
Their relationship gradually turns into more and it’s a meeting of the minds, like the music and lyrics they make up a perfect melody. I loved the ending of the book the duet was a beautiful moment. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys seeing behind the scenes of what goes on during a music tour and the day to day life of a rockstar. 


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