Review: Complicate Me (A Good Ol’ Boys Novel) By: M. Robinson 

Review: Complicate Me (AGood Ol’ Boys Novel) By: M. Robinson 
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What can I say about this book? It deals with one of my favorite romance novel tropes (Friends To Lovers) but it is wide in scope, we

see Alex and Lucas’s relationship from the beginning and how it develops and changes throughout the years. I love how we don’t just get glimpses we get huge slices of their lives. The setting was perfect and the certainty with which the author writes about this place you can tell it has roots in an actual place that she knows and loves because not even the smallest detail is left out.

We know exactly how the place feels, smells . . . Etc it gives us a relatable place to get sucked in to the story. The characters are all very relatable and personable and after just a few pages you feel like you are one of the group and just experiencing life right next to them.
There are some angsty moments (I mean hello! They are kids then teenagers, then adults I’d be worried if there wasn’t angst because it wouldn’t be a honest portrayal of what it’s like growing up) things get more complicated and life feels like it’s making all your decisions for you and you are just along for the ride. And we see these events begin to unfold and boy are there some jaw dropping moments of surprise along the way! But the thread that runs through the book is love is a indomitable force, and sometimes you meet your soul mate when you are both kids playing house. (Or GI Joes 😉 ) but that faith in love and family and finding where you belong is a journey we all have to take and often times it is quite the bumpy road haha but those tribulations make us stronger. 
This book is like coming home, and one you want to curl into and never leave. And definitely one that is on my “I need a print copy list”! I cannot wait for the other books in this series! 


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