Review: Temptation (The Hunted Series parts 1-3) By: Ivy Smoak

Review: Temptation (Hunted Series Parts 1-3) By: Ivy Smoak 
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From their very first meeting you know the relationship that Penny and her professor (James) is going to be epic! I mean at first I thought it was gonna be totally cliched by the whole meeting by chance in a coffee shop thing. If it’s been done once it’s been done a thousand times am I right? 😉 but this author put a new spin on it and made it seem like a new idea.

I am not typically a fan of the student professor genre but this one was a pretty good read. Their relationship has interesting, intense moments that make it a realistic relationship, they have their good times and their hard times so even though everything isn’t always all sunshine and rainbows you stay committed to this story and characters because you believe in them and you want them to make it! 
The writing is paced really well and I loved that this is a serial series I am really getting into that style of storytelling and this is a fantastic one to start if you have never tried a serial story. The ending of part 3 is really exciting and as soon as I finished it i immediately wanted part 4 and to carry on with the story. 


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