Review: Call Of The Sea By: Rebecca Hart 

Review: Call Of The Sea By: Rebecca Hart 
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One of my favorite mythology stories is the Selkies. You hear about them in a lot of Irish mythology and even in popular fiction (For example in Diana Garbaldon’s Outlander Series) from start to finish this book has very picturesque settings and scenes that will stick with you long after you finish the book. 
Ellie and Daniel meet under well, not so normal circumstances haha but they don’t let that stop them! I love Ellie’s character she dosen’t let herself be pigeonholed by society given gender roles. In the beginning of the book we see her constantly arguing with her father about not needing another dress and that she can become a captain of a ship like her father runs. She is very fiery and fun and I think that spark is what draws Daniel to her. She stands out that’s for sure! 
Ellie feels that the sea is in her blood and somehow the sea holds her destiny and she has no idea how right she is. Why, she even goes so far as disguising herself as a boy so she could take a position as a cabin boy on a ship after spending 5 years at boarding school. Over the years Ellie and Daniel keep popping in and out of each other’s orbit and this gradually leads to them beginning a more intimate relationship.
I thought this book was extremely well written and paced to where something was always going on that you needed to pay attention to.

I’ve loved stories of the high seas and these huge ships and the lives that take place on them. It’s a fantastic weekend read! I wouldn’t miss this book if I were you! 


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