Review: Love, Unexpected (Discovering Love #2) By:Ra’chael Ohara 

Review: Love, Unexpected (Discovering Love Series book 2) By: Ra’chael Ohara
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This book had it all! Some intrigue,

A little mystery, beautiful location, and a awesome love story! See, all of my favorite things! I really enjoyed this book, the characters were really relatable and the writing style kept everything fast paced and exciting page after page. Once I got to the end I was wishing that the book was a little longer. The bickering and the back and forth between Aria (Gianna) and Kulani is hilerious! From the moment they meet sparks fly, and even though Aria is unsure about going out with Kulani she cannot deny the pull they have toward each other. They start out slow but their relationship flourishes and Aria is the happiest she’s ever been.

But in true romance novel fashion there is a hiccup in the happiness! *Sigh* why can’t we all just get along! Haha but seriously there are some pretty intense bumps in the road for this adorable couple and it all comes down to one heart pounding ending! If you are looking for one book to curl up with for an afternoon of pure reading bliss this would be that book! 


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