Review: Archon’s Queen (Awakened #2) By: Matthew Cox

Review: Archon’s Queen (Awakened #2) By: Matthew Cox 
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Another intriguing and fantastic book by Matthew! Going in I thought this was going to be a direct sequel to Prophet of The Badlands in truth I would describe it as a prequel instead. We are taken to London in a future time and there these beings who have special abilities like those we have seen in book 1 are supposed to register and the fear of what they may be capable of is leading to a culture of fear and misunderstanding. 
We being this journey with a girl named Anna and we are gradually introduced to other characters along the way.

As a warning like in Prophet of the Badlands there are some dark moments which lends to the hopeless almost desperate tone of the characters just trying to improve their lives and fight for the right to be who they are without fear. It doesn’t help that during these moments the villains think they are doing abusive acts to a child when actually a lot of the characters are older than they appear. It is still horrible no matter

the age but if you are sensitive to these matters you might want to flip past them. It is not gratitious violence though, and I don’t think Matthew added these scenes just for shock value. It’s just being truthful to this dystopian world, that humanity has fallen to deplorable levels that this type of thing is common place and things are tough all over. Just surviving is a continual fight. 
As the story progresses we get glimpses of events to come later in Prophet of the Badlands and all of the puzzle pieces are beginning to fall into place! Not all of them yet but a good portion. Matthew continues to develop his expanding world with adding a different country into the mix. It was interesting to see the differences between London and the Badlands as far as their society responses to those with special abilities. I do hope we get at least one more book in this series just to wrap up all the loose ends. 


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