Review: Prophet Of The Badlands (Awakened #1) By: Matthew Cox 

Review: Prophet of The Badlands (Awakened #1) By: Matthew Cox 
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Wow! What can I say about this book? I have been reading more and more fantasy type books lately and this one is truly unique! I found this book by chance when I saw book 2’s cover (Yep, I’m sucked in by a good cover!) and started reading this after finishing a Steampunk novel.
Huge genre change! But not unpleasant. This book deals with Althea’s journey of life in this Dystopian world where people are basically back to a hunter gatherer society and a new mythology is present. Althea is supposed to be the prophet and this part of the story is the driving force. She has extraordinary healing powers and that combined with the fact that she is the prophet make people wary of being close to her. It makes her feel alone and lost and she is striving to find a place where she belongs.
After the Seekers lose Althea to a tribe of Raiders her journey gets more and more complicated. And throughout the rest of the book we see more and more that things aren’t always what they seem, as Althea learns more about her backstory it gives her a strength that is pretty inspiring. the ending of the book does kind of just drops off What I love most about this book was how all encompassing this world with all of its different tribes and cultures is. It is a master class in world building and I can see how it gives this series wings. There is nothing that can stop the stories that can come from this world. 


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