Review: Resurrecting Phoenix By: Isabel Lucero.

Review: Resurrecting Phoenix By: Isabel Lucero 
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What do you do when the unthinkable happens? How do you continue with the day to day ripple effects of loss? Because it happens. No matter how much you wish that those who are brave enough to stand in the face of danger and say “Not on my watch” those protectors who keep us from harm sometimes don’t make it home to their families. That’s what this book is about. Phoenix is such a strong character (yes, we see her broken at the beginning) but even in her brokenness there is strength. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to live through events like this and I have major respect for the men and woman who have had to live through this very thing.
Resurrecting Phoenix is very different from a lot of Isabel’s books and I truly think it’s her best yet. In Phoenix she gives us a character who is just trying to make it day by day and begin healing, it’s a very truthful representation of beauty in tragedy and that healing from loss is a ongoing process and its Nothing that happens quickly. Sure life can change in an instant but rebounding from that change is not as instantaneous. This quote from early in the book is one that has stuck with me the most 
 “It’s just interesting that both your names are a kind of bird. While your last name says you’re sad and longing for something, your first name says you’ll bounce back and rise again. Seems like no matter what happens to you, you’ll be okay.”
The symbolism is perfect for the story of rebuilding yourself after the darkest days. Gradually Phoenix begins to live again after some sage advice from Carol and spending time around people who don’t pressure her to be who she was before and embrace the person she is now. I thought this was a heartbreaking look into love, loss and finding yourself in the aftermath. 


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