Review: The Heartless City By:Andrea Berthot

Review: The Heartless City By: Andrea Berthot 
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Is there any better setting for a mystery novel than foggy London? I mean really. . . I was sucked into this story from the first page and things kept getting more intense. And as soon as I knew the twist of the identity of the Doctor that Virginia worked with and had a child by I was

locked in to spend a long night happily ensconced in my chair with mug of mint tea and read this entire book. 

This was unlike any book I had read before it took classic elements from my favorite mysteries but added modern themes and creatures and made it a book that was uniquely its own. 

We learn after that jam packed prologue that the story advances to the future and Virginia’s daughter is now grown and working as a waitress in a music hall (One of the only artistic events remaining in London) while there she meets the son of the Lord Mayor who is the controlling influence in London now and Elliot who is the son of the doctor who was the live in physician of the Lord Mayor. After that meeting everything escalates rather quickly hurtling toward a ending that will leave you catching your breath and wanting more! Yes, it does wrap up a little quickly I would have liked a few more chapters but hey, it’s still an awesome book! 
I could see this being a book I reread at least once or twice a year. Because I enjoyed it that much! It reminded me of being a kid reading a mystery book outside laying on the trampoline haha somehow I thought that was a safe place to read creepy books! (Yep, I was a Wierd kid who read way too many books!) it was deliciously creepy, kept you guessing what was going to happen next, and made you Invested in these characters.


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