Review: Every Wrong Reason By: Rachel Higginson 

Review: Every Wrong Reason By:Rachel Higginson
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I originally found Rachel’s books by reading Love and Decay and after I finished it I needed everything she had ever written up to that point. This book is truly amazing. Just when I thought nothing could top the 5 Stages of Falling In Love. This book goes above and beyond, you never doubted the love in 5 Stages but this book gave you that crippling doubt and showed just how far 2 people can fall apart, grow through the pain, gain a new perspective and then come together stronger than before. There were moments where I was wondering just how this was going to end? Were they going to actually get a divorce or not? I experienced each of Kate’s emotions and by the end of the book I was exhausted emotionally haha but indescribably happy at how good this book was. I about bawled like a baby with the scene with Annie (seriously, I don’t give spoilers but it was emotional! I ended up curled up in bed with all 3 of my dogs and snuggling them close) 

All of the characters have a place in Kate and Nick’s story there are no extraneous characters as filler or what not. Everyone is important, they are very relatable and you are rooting for everyone to have a HEA. I would like to have another book where we can see where the story goes for them. 

So, in all if this is your first book by Rachel, welcome to your new automatic one click author! If you have read and devoured everything she writes (Guilty!) then you will love and find new reasons why she is one of the top contemporary romance writers! Every Wrong Reason is one of those books that will stick with you long after you finish the lives contained in these pages.


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