Review: A Paper Trail (My Paper Heart Series #3) By: Magan Vernon

Review: A Paper Trail By: Magan Vernon 
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I loved this story! It fits in so well with the others that you just cruise right along! In this book we see the evolution of Blaine and Libby’s relationship. One minute they are enjoying Blaine’s birthday during Mardi Gras and next thing you know it’s hello! Real life smacks them in the face. 

I loved watching the transition of their characters and while it’s the good, the bad and the ugly. It seems like the little fights and the epic makeups make for a truly touching story when all is said and done. It just emphasizes the best of small town living. One of my favorite things about living in the south (just a personal opinion) 

Things get a little chaotic when everybody starts making plans and we gradually see Libby becoming used to all of the changes in her life and embracing the new normal. This all culminates in the sweetest ending! I absolutely cannot wait until the next part of the story! 


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