Review: Rising Storm Episode 2: White Lightning By: Lexi Blake 

Review: Rising Storm – Episode 2: White Lightning By: Lexi Blake
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This was a pretty exciting episode of this new series. We see the aftermath of all of the events of book one, and boy were there some doozies! More secrets are revealed and I love how in each episode there is a different focus, so in book one it was Ginny and losing Jacob and setting the scene for all of these different stories now we are primarily dealing with Hector’s leaving and how that affects Dakota, his daughter. 
Dakota is one of those type of characters that you just want to shake and go what in the world are you thinking! She has a good heart but she is pretty self destructive and the thing she wants most is to get out of this small town and she will sacrifice whatever it takes to achieve that goal. 
We get an inside look at the Senator and his family and know that not everything is as picture perfect as it seems. Which we already knew that from book 1, but how just for show their family is was kind of shocking.

I watch Scandal so I get it that in politics things are rarely how they seem to the public but just how unhappy these people are and the effect that has on their children is just sad. 
No real shocking reveals happened in this one but I’m sure the later episodes will have all the secrets coming to light and that revelation will rock this small town. So I will continue to keep devouring every episode every week. Release day is always my favorite afternoon treat each week just to see what happens next.


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