Review: To Live Again (The Living Series) By: Melody Dawn 

Review: To Live Again (The Living Series) By: Melody Dawn
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I absolutely loved this book! It was one of the sweetest stories I have read in a long time! Chloe and Jayson do not have the easiest road to love that is for sure but it is a very unique story told by an author who has a complete mastery of the genre. 
Chloe is a very complex character but as we see when she first meets Jayson there is more that meets the eye on both of them. And that together they are strong enough to live through anything and he finally convinces her to begin living in the present and to leave all of her grief and shame in the past where it belongs. But on the same side of the coin as soon as Jayson meets Chloe the world is forever changed for him. 
Add in a little comic relief from Jayson’s twin brother Connor and you have a very memorable story that you just want to crawl up in and stay for a while! I cannot wait for Connor and Madison’s book because I think it’s going to be equally as amazing as this one. We do get hints of their story in the course of this book especially in the epilogue but to have it told from their point of view will be awesome. I can tell already that our perception of Connor will change since he is seen as the goofball in this book to see the complete 180 he will most likely make will endear him to readers even more. 


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