Review: Offbeat (Offbeat Series #1) By: S. Moose

Review: Offbeat (Offbeat Series #1) By: S. Moose
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This was a book that you will want to tell everyone about! It’s powerful in a way that only a select few books can claim to be. From the prologue (that by the way broke my heart into a million pieces) it does not let up on the feelings factor. 
Learning how to live again after a brutal act is a difficult thing because the person that you were before is gone, life is forever changed. Now that’s not to say you can’t get back to some semblance of what your life was before but you will be changed and it’s how you embrace that change, are you going to fight or crumble in on yourself and hide from life? This book shows us both sides of the argument Bayleigh at the beginning is closed off and is content with that kind of life. She stays in an environment where she is able to control everything, the one thing she can’t control is her love for Tyler. Now boy do they have a story! It’s intense and heartbreaking and beautiful in its own way. And not quite what you would expect.
I love how this book is told in multiple POV’s Because I think it’s essential to the story to get inside Tyler’s head and how he is processing everything. It makes for an interesting match up from his push and Bayleigh’s pull. And then you add Ryan into the mix and the story gets a new twist. 
Gradually things become pretty complicated and the closer we get to the end of the book it’s grab the tissues time because you are gonna get a little teary eyed (or you can use my line and claim you have something in your eye) this book didn’t go the way I expected it to, especially the ending! which is nice haha I don’t usually get surprised on how a storyline goes but without getting spoilery there are some pretty big twists that happen! I can’t wait to see where this story goes from here. 


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