Review: Rising Storm Episode 3: Crosswinds By: Elizabeth Naughton 

Review: Rising Storm: Episode 3- Crosswinds By: Elizabeth Naughton
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This episode just goes to show that secrets are also embedded with the younger generation of Storm Texas. Lacey has had a lot to go through since the death of her brother and dealing with Ginny’s pregnancy and moving in to Jacob’s room. It was interesting to see that she wasn’t really as welcoming as we originally thought from the other episodes. 
The younger set definitely has some love triangles going on with Lacey and Luis and Mallory and it was getting a little intense! I don’t remember things being quite that angsty when I was 16 or 17 but that could just be a sign of the times. But as this episode progresses we see a friendship demolished, a relationship tested and more of the secrets floating around Storm. This episode did end rather abruptly unlike some of the other episodes I have read, but it was still another intense episode that we have come to expect from this series. 


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