Review: Fatal Beauty By: Nazarea Andrews

Review: Fatal Beauty By: Nazarea Andrews
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This book is a mind trip and a half! Fatal Beauty is one of those books that you have an idea going in on what you will experience in these pages and once you finish it you realize that even in your wildest dreams you couldn’t imagine a story this engrossing and complicated! This is why Nazarea’s books are always tops on my TBR list.
This story gets dark in a hurry! These girls go from perfect little debutantes (so we think!) to way over their heads which leads them to having to call in the big guns and beginning an journey that we never saw coming! With all the twists and turns of a thriller, a pinch of new adult and a lot of danger thrown in with the mysterious setting of New Orleans and other locales. The story goes deeper than you might see at first glance and with each Part we see the story escalating with more and more jaw dropping moments right up until the last page. 
I loved how unpredictable this story was, just when I thought it was going to go one way it goes completely in the other direction twists and turns and winds around. You have to pay close attention let me tell you! 
I think my favorite line in the book is 

 “I think I watched a TruCrime show once set in a place like this,” EJ says conversationally. Charlie laughs, startled and parks the car by the stairs leading to the second floor. “Sweetheart, I’m pretty sure we are a TruCrime show.” “Touche,” EJ murmurs” 
It’s just a moment but it brings some levity into the story. And it’s that back and forth between Charlie and EJ is what makes this a memorable book, it’s like Thelma and Louise but for a new and more stylish generation (But with no young Brad Pitt . . . Shame!) 


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