Review: I’d Rather Be A Witch By:Erin Hayes

Review: I’d Rather Be A Witch By:Erin Hayes 
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After reading this book I had just one thought! (Well, okay I had more than one but it was things like . . . How awesome is this book! I wonder how I’d look with that color of hair? Ooo Cheetos! . . . It’s fun living in my brain right?) but I digress back to the original point, how does one become a professional mermaid?! Seriously, If that was a major in college I would have rocked that like no other. But anyway! On to the important stuff.
This book is all about Jordyn who is such an awesome character, She’s relatable, and fun and oh yeah a pretty powerful witch! But she learns that going home isn’t all it’s cracked up to be especially because you left town because you brought a boyfriend back from the dead you’ve got some hurdles to overcome! The rest of this story is about becoming comfortable with who you are, the importance of family and harnessing the power inside of us (witchy or not 😉 ) 
All of these characters are amazing and even though this is a shorter story coming in at a little over 100 pages the level of character development for all characters is incredible, usually you get kind of flat Secondary characters in shorter works but these are so lively and we know all about their back stories and everything going on with them and it’s just a testament to Erin’s talent that she could create such an amazing story in a short amount of pages that give us the complete story and leave us feeling completely satisfied at the end. Now that’s not to say I wouldn’t enjoy tons more Jordyn stories (hint hint!) I loved this entire story! And I think you guys will too! 


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