Review: The Second Wife By: Kishan Paul

Review: The Second Wife By: Kishan Paul 
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This was such a powerful story,

A dark story.

One that was extremely difficult to read that’s for sure. 

But one that is powerful and inspiring all at the same time. 
This is the story of one woman’s struggle to simply survive after she is ripped from all she has ever known and taken to a place where she is treated like a possession, where she has almost no rights of her own, where she is forced into marriage by a madman and subjected to horrible abuse. 
But also it is the story of one man’s incredible journey to find her and bring her home. This story is the power of love and the incredible ability of the human spirit to survive unspeakable acts. Alisha (Sara) is a shining example of a strong female character. The things she lived through made this a tough book to read, I had to put it down a couple times and almost couldn’t go back to it. It was too raw and real and my wanting to stop reading had nothing to do with the writing. All of Kishan’s books are brilliant! And this one is no different. No, I almost stopped reading because things like this story happen everyday, women are treated like second class citizens or possessions and abused at the hands of men who have no shred of human decency. 
But, then I thought if those women can live through it I am a coward for not being able to finish this book while I am sitting in my safe house with all the people who love me and all the rights afforded to me just because I was lucky enough to be born here in America. So I kept going! I am so glad I did. As a whole this is an amazing book, one that needed to be told if just to raise awareness of the issues it contains. But the resources in the back about how you can help people who have to experience treatment like this everyday are priceless. Because it’s not enough to be aware there is a problem if we do not take steps to remove the problem. 


One thought on “Review: The Second Wife By: Kishan Paul

  1. Thank you for sharing The Second Wife’s release on your blog and thank you for taking the time to read and review the story. I am so glad Ally and Dave’s story made an impact on you. Hugs –Kish


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