Review: Only You By: Stephanie Rose

Review: Only You By: Stephanie Rose
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Daisy and Evan Forever! Good grief did I love this book! Okay, so I fell in love with Stephanie’s books when I read Always You and thought “Yep! She is definitely an author to watch.” I didn’t think it could get much better but with Only You she gave us an unforgettable love story with such awesome relatable characters that you want to stay within the pages just so you can spend more time with them. 
From the first page I was sucked in to the story and was mentally preparing for all the feels! Okay so maybe I didn’t prepare quite enough because there were portions of the book that took my breath away. Portions that broke my heart and portions that I would need bail money for (Evan’s crazy ex needed a beatdown!) But all of these threads brought us into a world where second chance romances are these beautiful Unicorns! that even though not everything goes right all the time, the good times and the bad times and the working on the relationship parts are just as beautiful as the fun (HOT) parts πŸ˜‰ 
Paige is this strong, smart character that I could really relate to, yes, she has had a rough track record with love (Been there!) But things are definitely looking up when she bumps into Evan again and their first date is adorable! Along the way in this story we get plenty of comic relief from Jack – Paige’s cousin. He is hilerious even though he has every reason to be angry and upset but he is this upbeat character that is an inspiration to all. 
I’m not going to spoil the ending of this one for you but trust me when I say you are going to need a hug once you set your eReader down! I was teary eyed and snuggling with one of our dogs (Snoopy didn’t mind a bit) and texting my love just to tell him how much I loved him and how happy I was that he is mine and I am his. Because when it all comes down to it all that matters is living life, loving life and appreciating those around you. Just like Evan and Paige πŸ˜‰


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