Review: Truth In Wildflowers By: Kimberly Rose

Review: Truth In Wildflowers (Truth Series #1) By: Kimberly Rose 
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Fate,’it’s a main topic of this book and it’s one of those things I often wonder about. What is it about these events that were so close to not happening but in that one moment everything happens exactly right and boom! This magic moment in time is created. Much like reading a book, what life events led that author to think up a story that is so heartbreakingly beautiful that they can affect hundreds of readers (actually that is a much larger example of fate since it takes days, months or even years to create a book but still!) Most people can remember where they were when they heard a certain song for the first time, me I remember with books. 
The first time reading this book was sitting on a blanket out in our backyard with dogs crawling all over me (we have 3! Have you tried reading while getting mauled excitedly by a Bloodhound? Not easy friends!) it was for me a perfect story in the perfect moment. At first glance this might seem like your typical boy meets girl kind of story. But the further we get into the story we find that it goes much deeper than that! Its such an amazingly complicated story that is told by an author who pays attention to the small details, an author who has mastered writing her characters inner monologues haha which I love when Kensie goes all introspective about August (Church of Sweat! I laughed so hard I scared the Mini Schnauzer! Sorry Snoopy <3) 
This book is emotional in the best way and I like that we just get hints of it here and there up until the big reveal. We know going in that each of them have something they aren’t willing to talk about much but gradually that trust gets built and then it gets intense! 


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