Review: Almost Perfect (A Good Girl Novel)By: Jenny Siegel

Review: Almost Perfect By: Jenny Siegel
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 This is a sequel to A Good Girl and I love how it continues Dominic and Charlie’s story! I just thought that they were adorable in A Good Girl but now it goes to a whole new level. We see Charlie having fun with their mutual friends and it’s becoming like a family after she spends her first Holiday season away from her family and just with Dominic and their friends. All of a sudden Dominic received a wedding invitation and it takes them to meet his family and that becomes a lot of drama! 
I love Charlie and Dominic they are truly 2 sides of the same person they keep each other grounded and motivated. They are just good for each other. That’s a main strength of the story in my opinion. Sure they are not perfect but they make life interesting for each other. 
The hits just keep on coming toward the middle and end of the book and it gets intense until it all broils down to one intense showdown with who has been sending Charlie the letters. Thankfully we get a few chapters after that whole part goes down to kind of regroup and get some resolution. I really enjoy all of Jenny’s books they always have the perfect mix of angst, action and aww! Moments haha I call this the 3 A’s approach and it’s one of my favorites. 


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