Review: Pucked Up By:Helena Hunting

Review: Pucked Up By: Helena Hunting 
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Two words: Flash Beaver! From page one we are sucked right back into Helena’s world of naughty hockey players with all of their hilerious shenigans. I swear this author can get me laughing quicker than almost any other. Her characters internal ramblings are priceless! I am laughing almost hysterically again just thinking about some of the one liners. 
But all giggles aside this is actually a pretty adorable story with lots of spicy elements, Miller is hot on the trail of Sunny and I love how she isn’t easily swayed by his charm or that he plays pro hockey. He actually has to put some effort into getting her to spend time with him (I mean really what kind of book would it be without a little tension 😉 if she just fell all over him I’d be bored! And I’m never bored with one of Helena’s books) but it keeps their relationship fun with the back and forth.
There are some definite ups and downs with their relationship but for the most part it’s smooth sailing and a comedy of errors along the way! I always keep Pucked as a palate cleanser after I’ve read a serious book with some rough subject matter because it’s just a fun read, and let me tell you Pucked Up is even better! This is going to be one that I am going to be on a quest to find a print version (which reminds me I also need Pucked in print!) because I only buy my absolute favorites in print and I can honestly say that both of these are probably my favorite sports romance kind of books. Helena scores again with this book and I cannot wait for the next one. 


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