Review: Sex, Snow and Mistletoe By: Laura Barnard

Review: Sex,Snow and Mistletoe By: Laura Barnard
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I have to confess a secret! I am addicted to holiday stories haha this one is pretty adorable. While on route to a friend’s wedding Mel crashes her car into a snow drift. After getting smacked in the face by the air bag she opens her eyes to find a guy that she thinks is a vision at first (we’ve all been there right? Except for that whole smacked in the face by the air bag part) after some hilerious conversation she learns that he is part of the wedding party (what role he plays in that she dosen’t learn until later!) and he offers to take her to the wedding since they are both heading to the same place anyway. And then begins the comedy, the feels and the steamy times! 
Seriously, I thought things like this only happen to Bridget Jones! And this novella is as endearing and funny as those books. I found myself rooting for Mel, along with laughing at her description of her mom and how she was making sure that he wasn’t on the latest episode of Crime Watch before getting in the car with him. Her internal thoughts are also very funny, kind of sarcastic which appeals to me in a character haha. 
The ending has a rom-com kind of feel to it and it has some pretty amazing moments! If you need a quick fun read to put you in the mood for the holidays then I will highly recommend picking this one up and diving in.


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