Review: Degrade (Flawed Series #1) By: T.L. Smith 

Review: Degrade (Flawed Series #1) By: T.L. Smith
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Bexley is forced to play up to the family name, her father has expectations of her including her being with the man she she dosen’t feel any sparks for. Feeling stifled by family obligations make her feel like she is drowning and she yearns to break free. So she does! I love that about her she just picks up and leaves everything behind and moves to LA. While there she meets Zeke and caution is thrown to the wind. 
He is a Alpha Male if I’ve ever read one! Demanding and Bex thinks he is absolutely irresistible. Even though her brain is saying she shouldn’t she agrees to have dinner with him after they meet at an awards after party she attends with her roommate — Ember who is a stylist to the stars and Bex’s new boss (Seriously sounds like an amazing job am I right?) 
This book is told by a dual POV and unlike some books where the 2 POV’s make the story jumbled how this author blends them together make it seem natural, like there is no possible way this story could be told without the 2 POV’s. There are some darker elements in this book so if you are easily offended then maybe don’t pick this book up.

But if you can leave all of your preconceptions at the door it is a fascinating story! Aria is probably my favorite character aside from Bexley, she has a take no prisoners attitude that I love. Dosen’t matter how dangerous the man is she is going to make them cry for their momma and still want her in their bed. You have to respect a character like that. 
By the time you get to the end of the book you have to be amazed by the transition! I mean I know I was. I didn’t expect that this book would end where it did based on the first few chapters. But I was pleasantly surprised! I don’t often read books like this but this one made me extremely glad I took a chance on it and I can’t wait until book 2! 


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