Review: Rising Storm- Episode 6: Take The Storm By: Rebecca Zanetti

Review: Rising Storm – Episode 6: Take The Storm By: Rebecca Zanetti
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“Yep. Have you ever just sensed the calm before a storm?” She sighed, her blue eyes clouding. “Yes.” “Well, I’d like to take the storm away from here, but I don’t think it’s going to give us much warning”
That excerpt is the perfect way to describe the overall tone of this episode! We get taken even farther into the secrets of Storm with this episode and all of our favorite couples are still trying to navigate all of the land mines that are going to be revealed.
The drama of this episode is pretty intense and I knew it would be when within the first few pages we see Luis trying to break up a girl fight between Lacey and Mallory! The rest of the inhabitants of Storm are also feeling a little off kilter. Marcus and Brittany are still trying to figure out just what their relationship means for his return back to Montana and the main focus of the story Marisol and Patrick are hashing out if they are just a friends with benefits relationship or if there is something more. (To be fair Patrick does want something more but Marisol is hesitant) 
This episode is just adding to the tension, the relationship between Dakota and the Senator is heading for a massive blow up because as they say “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!” And Dakota is going to end up one of those crazy girls I can see it now. At the end of this episode we already see the beginnings of that. All in all I thought it was a fascinating episode this week. Things didn’t quite go like I thought they would and that makes for an interesting read. 


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