Review: Leap Of Faith (La Flor #1) By: ML Rodriguez

Review: Leap Of Faith (La Flor Series #1) By: ML Rodriguez. 
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It all starts with a visit to a fortune teller, and thus begins this story that I didn’t expect to come across. I came into this book like many without any preconcieved notions, I try to not hear a lot about what the story is going to entail beyond the blurb but once I get the book I go radio dark so I am not influenced by other reviewers or teasers I might come across on social media. I think that is only fair with my role as Blogger that always want to give you my gut reaction to everything I read. My gut reaction to this book is this.
Jake goes in to this fortune tellers tent after some urging by his wife Faith and his daughter Rylee and he is expecting the typical “you will be rich and live a long life” kind of fortune but he receives a ominous warning and is told he is supposed to meet a ghost and become a guardian. (Pretty heavy for a carnival fortune teller right?) 
Each of the sections of the book have a specific focus in telling the story and the POV changes here and there. Which makes for a interesting read. It keeps shifting and focusing and keeps you sucked in to the story. The Memories section is my favorite (I always like to know how a love story starts and the special little moments the couple experiences along the way) it gradually becomes Faith’s story and how she is making through after experiencing tragedy and changing her dreams.
We then meet Zane, and get taken deeper into this fortune that Jake is a part of and all the pieces begin to come together. I loved how this story transitions. Yes, there are some parts that are a little cheesy but I loved it all. These characters stick with you long after you finish the book. It’s about love in all its forms, the power of the spirit and soul mates. It’s as beautiful as the cover (which I might add is one of my all time favorite covers!) it gives us something different from most of the romance novels I’ve read that have the same kind of premise, it gives us heart and soul. I cannot wait to read more from this author. 


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