Review: Roped In (An Armed and Dangerous Novel) By: L.P. Dover

Review: Roped In (An Armed and Dangerous Novel) By: L.P. Dover
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This book has all of my favorite things! A little bit of a suspense/thriller aspect, a snarky hero and a heroine who is tough. Now at first I thought that Hadley was going to be this pampered princess country singer but the deeper we got into the book the more I had to admire her courage and spark. Especially when her and Blake get to bickering back and forth. Those moments are the best because you can really see the tension developing. 
All of the suspense was making a palpable presence in the story I felt because you are constantly trying to figure out who is after Hadley and the big reveal on that one was something I didn’t see coming. Add to this the sexual tension that rolls in like a storm whenever these two are within range of each other and you have a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time. 
While this is technically book 2 in the series it does work really well as a standalone (which is good for me since I hadn’t picked up book one before I signed up to review this one) I wasn’t lost at all and will definitely be going back and grabbing book one now that I enjoyed this book so much. I freely admit I am a fan of any book that involves a ranch, a cowboy and a beautiful backdrop. But this one went above and beyond my expectations. If you are looking for a excellent read or just a bit of pure escapism 😉 then definitely pick this one up you will not be disappointed. This author is now on my automatic one click list! 


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